Your Personal Legal Advocate We have helped thousands of families get representation when facing foreclosure. Don't be pushed around
by your lender. Get the representation you deserve.
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Trusted Legal Advice We have helped thousands of families get representation when facing foreclosure. Don't be pushed around
by your lender. Get the representation you deserve.
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ExperiencedRepresentation We have helped thousands of families get representation when facing foreclosure. Don't be pushed around
by your lender. Get the representation you deserve.
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  • Pasquale R.
    Thank you! You and your company have been very good to us and I will recommend you to anyone I know with similar problems in the future. You were very patient and professional and your timely updates were appreciated. You kept us informed and we never had to wonder what was happening which was a real pleasure and stress reliever. Thank you again! *

  • Danna O.
    Thanks again for all of your help! I cannot imagine having to do all of that myself. Especially since I tried and was told they never received the paperwork. You have been awesome to work with and very informative on keeping me updated throughout the process. I cannot express how grateful I am! *

  • Kenyon R.
    THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! That is GREAT news! Thank you!! I’m so happy!!!! Thank you to the whole team, you guys are the best!!! Thank you! *

  • Charles N.
    I am very happy to spread the word that Legal Loan Repair did a fabulous job in helping me save my home and took a personal interest in making sure the process went very smoothly. They devoted 110% to making sure that I was taken care of and that my loan modification agreement was done properly. I can't say enough nice things about this company. *

  • Jeanette K.
    I am writing this to let you know about my experience with Legal Loan Repair. When I received the letter in the mail I wondered about calling or was it just a scam. After a few days passed I decided to call since I really at this point had nothing to lose. I was in need of help. I called and talked to a very nice and understanding man who seemed really willing to help me. Which scared me even more and made me second guess my decision. He reassured me several times that this wasn't a scam. He took down all of my information and I then told him I had to think about it and would call him back. He gave me his number and a few more days went past and I just wasn't sure what to do. Finally I called back and said lets go ahead with this. He then told me someone would be getting a hold of me within the next couple of days. Sure enough I received an email and a phone call to get things going. I faxed my information they needed and was in contact with the lady who had emailed me. If I would call and would get no answer she would always call or email back letting me know what I needed to know. I was very happy with the help they gave me. They were willing to help me and if they didn't know the answer they would ask someone else, not just give me the run around. I would definitely suggest them to someone if they were having financial struggles. I was very happy with the help they gave me. *

  • Nora F.
    Things have settled down quite a bit for me now-thanks to you, and all your hard work. I had a good cry for myself (happy tears of joy) after I spoke with you last week, and slept like a baby. I look around my house and my yard with a different set of eyes now, feeling more appreciative of what I have. I truly feel blessed. I will never be able to fully express to you, how grateful I am for all the hard work you did on my behalf. Not just the paperwork, and for your vast knowledge of the situation, but also for all your emotional support throughout this ordeal. You were the one who kept me calm, focused and thinking positive, when I had my doubts. For all this, and so much more-""I Thank-You""! *

  • Debra H.
    I want to thank you for all you have done. You encouraged me and pushed me to get things done. I truly appreciate the help. *

  • Brandy S.
    First and foremost I would say this was one of the best and most important decisions I have made in my life. I had received a letter in the mail, which I was getting a lot because of having difficulties making payments on my monthly mortgage. I had ignored all other letters and papers that had come in the mail. I don't know why but something was telling me to make this phone call and see what this was all about... not knowing anything about this I made the decision to call the number on the paper. The gentleman that I had spoken to was wonderful! He explained some things to me asked me some questions, asked me to do some research due to the fact that there are a lot of scams going around in the world today... I of course did all of the research that I felt needed to be done, and the video that I watched informed me that my bank wasn't doing everything that they were "telling" me that could be done. I also had applied for a loan modification 2 times and was already turned down once. I re did my application for a loan modification due to the fact that I had started working again, the bank once again was beating around the bush with everything saying that I needed to send this and that over the same old that they had done before. I called them back and they went over some more questions with me, at this point I felt relieved that something was going be done at this point. The consultant told me "Brandy it is time to breath, we will deal with this from now on" just from that statement coming from his mouth made me feel tons better about everything! I would say about 2 days after that phone call a wonderful lady called from the processing portion of this, she explained all that I would need to fax over and what all I would need to continue to fax over to her to get the ball rolling on the banks side. The very next day I had received a letter from my bank stating that I was once again turned down for a loan modification due to that fact that they were still missing paperwork on my part, even though I had done all they had already asked me to do for the second time. I fax that paper over with all the other papers that the firm would need, only to receive another phone call from them stating that she was confused due to the fact that she had spoken with the bank and they told her my loan modification was still open and they never closed it? All I could do was go by the facts, that was the paper I was sent. Hopefully with the law firm working on my side that something else would and could be done about the situation. I would say about 3 weeks into the whole things involving the law firm the bank had send me a packet stating that I was finally approved for a loan modification. I faxed this packet over to the law firm and everything was good to go! Finally, someone was on my side and helped me though a very difficult part of my life. Without the law firm I would not have a house and my family would be living somewhere else. The bank put me through 7 months of crap, for me to get a paper in the mail and making a simple phone call and 3 weeks later everything is much better. Thank you for everything you have done!! *